Transformative Bodywork

Lavender by Becky Smith's house in Eugene, Oregon

Jin Shin Do® Acupressure Facial

January or February 2018

Instructor: Becky Smith

Increase your clients' health and vitality. Learn a deeply relaxing 12-step, 40-point acupressure facial (plus ten vital hand points) to release head, neck, and face tension and aid general circulation of energy throughout the entire body. Learn shortcuts tailored to your clients' needs.  LMTs in private practice and those working in a spa setting will benefit, as will estheticians and hair stylists.This one-day workshop is a good introduction to Jin Shin Do.

CEs: 8    PREREQUISITES: Open to all

TIME: Saturday: 9am-6pm

COST: $130

DEPOSIT: $30 or full amount due in 2018


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