Transformative Bodywork

Lavender by Becky Smith's house in Eugene, Oregon

Jin Shin Do® Study Group

Tuesday, January 30, 2017

Instructor: Becky Smith

Get together with Becky and other JSD students to review Basic/Intermediate/Advanced concepts and points, ask client questions, participate in group assessments, and give and receive supervised practice sessions.

Student testimonial:

"I have been going to Becky's JSD study groups for a couple of years. It is wonderful that she gives JSD students a regular opportunity to get together, share issues, and do a session together. I like meeting other students and have been able to get together with some of them to practice outside of the study groups. The study groups give us an opportunity to be supervised in practicing pulses, selecting meridians to work on, point location, and supporting emotional release. It is invaluable to work closely with a skilled therapist, especially one like Becky who is gentle, enthusiastic, and focused. Thank you. - Karen Lawrence, LMT


TIME: 6-8:30 pm

COST: $30 each

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